The Teaching Quality-assurance System Which is the Pluralistic Combination of Chinese and Western Education

From:Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic Time: 2018-08-24 Click:

Having developed the management, establishment and evaluations independently, a diversified teaching quality-assurance system has been founded with three main areas: internal evaluation, external assessment and overseas supervision. The college establishes an internal teaching quality-assurance committee, with the responsibility of assessing the teaching quality. Also, the superior educational department will regularly organize Chinese and foreign experts to evaluate the teaching quality. Moreover, TEQSA and the Australian partner university will work together to supervise and assess the teaching quality. Melbourne Polytechnic designated the vice-president as the foreign vice-president of Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic, and also sent expert to be responsible for supervising the foreign teaching quality and coordinating the foreign teaching activities. Through the teaching quality-assurance system which is the pluralistic combination of Chinese and western education, the Sino-foreign education can be developed in a promising way.