The Audit Quality Process of Melbourne Institute of Technology

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To meet the requirements of ISO 9001 quality certification system, and to act its obligation of improving the quality of courses, Melbourne Institute of Technology must carry out regular quality audits for its operation status.

The process of teaching quality auditing of Melbourne Institute of Technology

1.The chief of quality monitoring and controlling system will establish a set of quality audit procedures for overseas projects.

2.To provide early preparation for the quality audit, the quality monitoring and controlling office will contact the overseas cooperative colleges and universities.

3. The audit of the field teaching quality will be carried out for 2 working days in overseas colleges and universities.

4. During the audit, the auditor will seek information on the subject matter, including course management, planning, design, teaching and assessment. The auditor will collect the information through multiple channels, such as interviews, inquiries, videos, and lectures. Meanwhile, please note that the auditor will check the material and go to visit the teacher by himself. The partner is not required to deliver the material to the auditor. The auditor will identify the records and texts by himself and require to check the relevant materials. After consultations with overseas cooperative institutions, the auditor will ask for interviews with the corresponding personnel.

5. Interviews with teachers and students will be held during the audit. The number of teachers and students is determined by the auditor, and take the specific circumstances of the teachers and students into account. Partners should make preparation for the successful holding of the Symposium.

6. To ensure the successful progress of the audit, each auditor is expected to spend about 7 hours a day. The audit started on the first day of the start ceremony and ended with the last meeting on the second day. Once the ceremony ended, the auditor will immediately go to the place in which the material put to carry out the audit work and collect relevant information; but it is also possible that at the end of the meeting, the auditor first will go to another place, for example, the teaching building, which will be decided both by the auditor and overseas partners.

7. During the audit, Melbourne Institute of Technology may ask auditors to give feedback of the examined evidence, which requires overseas partners to provide auditors with a private and quiet working place. Once the audit is completed, the auditor will return to the assigned work place and further check the material. This work should be completed before the end of the last meeting, and the auditor will give an oral presentation of the initial audit results. It should be noted that when auditing relevant materials, there will be a large amount of material needed to be confirmed by the Melbourne Institute of Technology. The chief of the quality control office of Melbourne Institute of Technology will have a formal audit report later.

8.  During the audit, there should be no dessert and beverage. After the audit, further discussion of the audit work or the arrangement of campus visits will be decided by both the auditor and the cooperative institutions.