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Fuzhou Melbourne Polytechnic(FMP) is a Sino-foreign cooperative institute (School License Number: GOV35AUA03INR20170936N) between Minjiang University and Melbourne Polytechnic (MP). Its former name was IEN Institute of Minjiang University, which had about 22-year experience in Sino-foreign cooperative school education. Students who meet the graduation requirements of both schools can obtain a Sino-Australian dual certificate - a diploma from FMP and an associate degree or an Australian Diploma certificate from MP.

FMP follows the educational philosophy of pursuit of “quality but not quantity to meet societal needs”, which was put forward by President Xi Jinping when he was the President of the original Minjiang Vocational University during his tenure as Party Secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Committee.

FMP is the institution with the largest scale of Sino-foreign cooperative education in Fujian Province and the largest number of students studying abroad.

The credits are fully accredited by the 83 foreign universities from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and other countries where students can continue further education. The institute has cultivated nearly 5000 internationalized application-oriented talents, and successfully helped more than 1000 students go abroad for further studies, with a visa rate over 96%. Among them, more than 90% of students went to world-renowned universities and most of them have got master’s degrees overseas.

The Admission and Placement Department has been established to assist students’ overseas study. Its business includes overseas study consultation, foreign university application, visa processing and pre-departure guidance. It commits to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with overseas educational institutions, colleges and universities. Representatives of colleges and universities were invited to visit our school, such as the University of Wollongong in Australia, the University of Tasmania, Whitireia New Zealand, Temple University, Portland State University, and San FranciscoState University.FMP has successfully established good cooperative relations with 83 overseas universities, and has built an efficient and convenient green channel for students to study abroad.